A Practical Guide to Handling Data Breach Notifications Worldwide

Thomas On Data Breach

An Invaluable Tool for the Modern Business

Author: Liisa M. Thomas

Thomson Reuters Brand: Legal Works

Copyright: 2014

ISBN: 9780314634177


Chapters cover these important topics:

  • Getting Started: Deciding Whether to Notify
  • The Heart of the Matter: Conducting Investigations
  • Who is Paying for This?: Insurance Coverage
  • When Breach Law Is Not Triggered: Should You Notify Anyway?
  • Wrapping Up: Providing Notice
  • But Wait, There’s More!: Handling Post-Notice Inquiries
  • What if You Make a Mistake?: Penalties for Violating Breach-Notice Statutes

Plus the book contains appendices with 138 breach notice laws (74 in the US and 56 outside of the US).  

About the Book

As the nation – and the world – debates issues about data breach laws, this book is an invaluable tool for the modern business.  It gives a comprehensive overview of where the laws are right now, and how companies can best prepare for the future.

There often is nothing worse, as a general counsel, than getting that call from your IT department: “We think our database of employee social security numbers was hacked.” Or the call from the FBI: “We think your company is under attack.” There is a flurry of activity. Teams will try to determine what information was accessed, who accessed it, and if employees or consumers have been put at risk. Then, there is the inevitable scramble to understand legal obligations. Do we have to notify under various data breach notification laws? Whom do we notify? How quickly? The answers to these questions can be tricky. This book outlines exactly where to start and what to do.